The purpose of the new Forum (click on the link!) is to establish communication with all those who have an interest in developing Astrology as a tool for individual evolution. I'm hoping that all those professionally involved in Astrology will give a little time to evaluating these new ideas, and offer advice where they think appropriate. Beyond that, I want to communicate with anyone interested in Astrology as part of Human reality. 

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Logical Core

Use the above link to view and/or download a draft of the first three (3+) chapters of 'The Logic of Life'. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this pdf file. Please respect the fact that this is original work not yet in the public domain as a finished product. Choose an appropriate right-click menu option to save a copy of this pdf file.

"Come to the window ... Look up, what do you see?" Nothing. Just a bunch of stars! " Ha, ha, ha ... beautiful ... beautiful. In your hand, I have placed a key." [Circa 1988; The author and his teacher]

A New Method?

Click on the boxed link below to read about an important technique involving return charts for the lunar node. Then, try them for yourself. Your personal experience is important. Visit the forum if you have something to say on this topic.



Each 'Personal Age' lasts for one complete cycle of the nodes around the ecliptic - about 18.6 years. This motion is retrograde and due to precession. Each cycle is a specific stage on the path to individuation and maturity - the individual life-journey .



Completing Astrology

The writing/research project currently entitled 'The Logic of Life' (formerly, The Foundations of Astrology) grew out of attempts to find the rational core of Astrology. Like most people involved with Astrology, I gave it a look and found it personally instructive, but also frustrating for its lack of a solid philosophical foundation. So, I set about the job of finding a coherent set of basic principles. Having satisfied myself that Astrology is an internally consistent system based on the logic of organisation, I realised that this ancient art pointed to a deep and real connection between the material world and the structure of Human Life. In fact, Astrology can be seen as evidence of a process that combines the objective and subjective worlds - astrological effects are the products of Life's foothold in the physical realm. The insights gained from an understanding of Astrology, and by implication the living organisation that gives rise to astrological effects, are potentially world-changing. This website is dedicated to communicating that understanding and those insights. My name is Henry McArthur.


Why did it need completing?

One glaring technical problem with traditional Astrology is the plethora of House Systems - all of them seemingly relying on the same system of interpretation! In simple terms, their collective existence denies the reality of Astrology. In order to have a basis for deciding between the various systems of chart division it was necessary to develop a logical core for the ancient art, to which its many parts can be linked in a way that explains their function more clearly than has been possible in the past. Because I've been working with these ideas since 1992, the value of the revised system is now crystal clear - to my mind. Although a version of this site has been up and running since 2002, it has proved difficult to find many individuals willing to engage in a full discussion of the ideas contained within - Astrologers tend to be accomplished end-users, rather than philosophers who understand the implications of the details 'under the hood'. Of course, without the painstaking historical contributions of 'consulting astrologers' I would not have the raw material to work with. Whether they like it or not, they, the Astrological Community, are working for me! I wish them every success in their research. What currently appears in the texts I make available for download/perusal has been revised and made a little more accessible - I hope! And ... I have a forum where all are welcome to contribute, argue against my point of view, suggest alternatives, corrections or just to ask basic questions on Astrology. Dont be shy!

Astrology, Religion and Science

Even without a generally established proof of Astrology as reality, the philosophical model developed in the text stands on its own merit. It provides a 'Big Box', a containing philosophy within which all of Human activity finds its roots including the activities of the sciences and religions. Put simply, everything we do is contained within, and orchestrated by, the Logic of Life. Seen through this particular lens, the current 'phoney war' between science and religion is largely based on ignorance - ignorance of the function each plays within Human organisation. Seeing the logic behind both science and religion should help pave the way to a more sensible debate on the nature of Humanity and any desirable future. 

Many working astrologers find it difficult to recognise their subject, couched as it is in the abstract terms of the Logic of Life. More than once I've had the comment "This is not Astrology" in my communications with astrologers. In my view, Astrology is the perfect tool for upgrading the thinking skills of the majority. With that in mind, the early chapters of "The Logic ..." are a lesson in how to abstract - how to move from an internalist-instinctual mode of thought to a more realist worldview, able to view the mechanics of life in a more dispassionate, rational way. In the broadest astrological terms, this is the shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, where the 'needful animal' sensibility broadens towards a universal vision of life - in which we all can share, as One World . There will be no Human future if the dreaming animals cannot wake up!


A forum has been set up to allow all to freely contribute their opinions on the more complete Astrology on offer here.